Are you looking to offer health & wellness education to your employees or club members, but you don’t feel that the usual cookie cutter approach is “cutting it”? Are you looking for something that offers more than a list of do’s & don’ts? Something that gives your attendees the knowledge and tools they can put into practice that same day?

I believe that knowing the power of foods can not just lead to a healthier lifestyle, but also help people improve their vitality, productivity, and improve their overall quality of life.

My 5-week group program is designed to deliver the core understanding of a healthy lifestyle and ways to better your mood, regulate sleep habits, gain energy, and increase your overall wellbeing with proper diet and lifestyle changes. (currently available only in Broward & Dade County, Florida).

Here’s a brief look into the topics we’ll discuss:

Mindfully Healthy:

Understanding the importance of nourishing foods and mindful eating habits; recognizing “health food” imposters, label lessons, and tips on smarter shopping for better health.

Proper Proteins

How to choose the healthiest proteins available to you, how much protein is enough, and what about those protein powder shakes?

The Fat Story

An easy to follow guide on what really are the healthy and unhealthy fats, how to choose and use the right ones, and a bonus lesson on cholesterol and heart disease.

Making Peace with Carbs

Forever demystify the world of complex carbohydrates, gluten, and grains. Learn how to choose, prepare and eat the right carbs for your body, and learn why the wrong kinds should be avoided.

Less Weight, More Energy

Understand the many factors playing against you in your battle to lose weight, learn the relationships between the foods you eat, and your blood sugar control, and learn anti-stress techniques to help your body and mind achieve results faster.

21 Day Sugar Detox

*NEW* –  a simple and effective real-foods based program to help break free from sugar and carbs!
Join the tens of thousands of people who have successfully completed the program – put your nutrition decisions on auto-pilot and create healthier habits for life. LEARN MORE

Participants will receive a workbook containing practical recipes and valuable information that reinforces the food and lifestyle recommendations learned in each class. Classes are 60 minutes each and require a minimum of six participants. Please contact me for pricing and scheduling details.

“Thank you for the gift of your time and knowledge. The last weeks have offered more than just a teaching lesson.
You have imparted tools and skills [on us] that will shape and change our lives. And that gift is immeasurable!” (Luciana M.)