I am so excited that you’re here. Really, honestly excited because that means you’re ready to experience this amazing and delicious way of eating nourishing foods, and feel those amazing effects on your wellbeing! Don’t be afraid – we’ll make this really easy.

What if I told you that there’s a change inside you
that will make you go from thinking “Ugh, I just want a chocolate donut right now!”
to saying “I see you there, donut. And I could eat you, but I don’t want to!”

It’s possible. I know because that used to be me, but I found that change within me. And now I want to teach you how to find yours.

I will lift your fear of “healthy eating”.

I will help you find the foods and habits that make you feel tired, bloated, grumpy, etc.

I will teach you what your cravings mean and how to beat them!

I will help you change your mind-set about exercise.

I will teach you how to shop for healthy food without confusion and anxiety.

I will show you how to start cooking healthier in your own kitchen.

I will help you create a confident new relationship with food, so you can start living healthier today!

“From day one Ulla focused on my personal situation to recommend the best tips to reach my goals, and she did it.
My life changed with Ulla’s consultation. She changed my lifestyle and my perception of food.
No more sugar, no more processed food. I’m healthy now.” (Daniela O.)

You may be wondering how I am different from all the other ways you’ve tried before. There are endless health coaches out there, and nutritionists, and more. And they all do amazing work. They all want to help you live a healthier life. I do too.

But I want you to do it your way. Yes, your way. I won’t make you live my life. I won’t make you eat my diet.
Together we will discover not just the food you like, but also those that help your body and mind.
I’m happy to share with you what foods I eat, and what habits I keep, but first of all comes YOU.

I don’t believe in quick fixes and neither should you.

Before we change any of the foods you eat I will take the time to get to know you, in the context of YOUR life. Together we will find what helps you the most right now. And from there we will keep on building skills and habits until you’re ready for more.

My goal is to give you the knowledge and tools to fully enjoy a healthy lifestyle on your own. I am not here to make you drink kale smoothies for a month so you can fall back to your old ways after you’re finally done with those.

I won’t give you calories or points to count, no little boxes to painfully measure your food in, and no protein shakes you need to keep buying month after month. Nope. None of that.

My goal is to teach you to live a healthy lifestyle without training wheels.

Let’s get started

“The only diet that is right for you is the one that you have tested over time, is open to new influences and environments, and that is based on seasonal, organic, unprocessed, and local foods.

So don’t jump on fad diet bandwagons.” (Ed Bauman)

The fact that you’re here, reading this, already tells me that you have a strong will to finally make some changes that last.

We need that because without your commitment, we’ll both fail.

I’ll end up wasting your time and my resources, and you’ll end up back where you were before.

Here’s the hard part:

You have to let me help you.

You have to keep an open mind.

You may have to let go of some old, ingrained beliefs that are no longer working.

You may have to do things you’ve never done before, so you can get the things you never had before.

You have to trust the process, even when things get a little tough.

You can totally do this!

I’m ready for this

Please remember:

I am not a doctor or registered dietitian, and any information you find on this website, and in related materials is not intended to change or replace medical advice of any kind. I do not diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease or condition. If you have a severe medical condition, please see your physician of choice. The information presented on this website, in the classes and all related handouts, recipes, and other products, is intended for informational purposes only.